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VCU Alcohol and Other Drug Policy

VCU Alcohol and Other Drug Policy

Stay up to date on the latest VCU policy for Alchol and Other Drugs, with access to resources and FAQ's to support VCU students, faculty, and staff.

We want our students to have the information they need to make the safest and healthiest choices when it comes to alcohol or other drug use. All drugs have associated risks, and the only way to eliminate all risk is to choose not to use. Even if you make the choice not to use alcohol or other drugs, there is a chance that you might be impacted by the substance use of a friend, classmate or family member.

92% of Rams Who Choose to Drink Do ONE or MORE things to stay safer.

If you make the choice to use alcohol or other drugs, there are some things that you and your friends can do to stay safer.

  • Come up with a plan beforehand that includes things like how you will get home safely and what to do if you get separated from friends
  • Stick with the same group of friends and watch out for each other
  • Eat before and during drinking
  • Stay hydrated and alternate alcohol with non-alcoholic beverages
  • Use a designated driver or arrange for a safe way home
  • Set a limit beforehand and keep track of drinks
  • Use a BAC Calculator to keep your BAC around or under 0.05.
  • Avoid mixing alcohol with other substances

Take our free, brief online self-assessment! This assessment provides personalized feedback and information on how relationships with alcohol and other drugs relate to your personal goals and choices.

Take the Assessment

Have you ever been worried about a friend or wondered about your own substance use? You can start by asking these questions:

  • Have you ever felt the need to cut down or stop your use of substances?
  • Have you ever made and broken promises to yourself about controlling your use?
  • Do you and your friends usually use before, during, or after social activities?
  • Have you found yourself feeling irritated or angry with friends or family when they suggest you cut down or stop using?
  • At times when you’ve gotten into trouble, have you been using substances?
  • Do you often use substances when you’re alone?
  • Do you ever forget things you did when you were using?
  • Is substance use one of your primary coping strategies?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it might be worth exploring your relationship with substances. 

VCU Rams in Recovery

Rams in Recovery supports students inside and outside the classroom, organizes events and trips, offers recovery housing and scholarships, and provides space and support for recovery meetings.

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