Intramural Sports Rules & Policies

All Intramural Sports participants must read the Intramural Sports Participant Handbook  to learn more about registering for leagues, appropriate conduct during games, team ratings, forfeits, fees and more. 

Important Policy Changes

  • Sport Club Participant Restriction
    • Sport Club members are limited to half of the maximum active players on the field/court (rounded down) for a sport that is similar to theirs (i.e., one 9v9 intramural soccer team may only allow 4 Soccer Club members, one 6v6 intramural volleyball team may only allow 3 Volleyball Club members).
  • Team Sport Roster Requirement
    • Teams created in a team sport must have 3 players on their roster to be moved out of the waitlist. Teams will be created on the waitlist first, and then automatically moved into a division, if there is a spot available, once the 3 player roster minimum has been met.
  • Open League Player Requirement
    • For any sports that have Open leagues, the following gender rules apply: only half of the players actively participating in the game can be of the same gender. For example, in 5v5 Basketball, only 3 players on the court can self-identify as the same gender.