Officer Information

2022-2023 Sport Club Handbook

Activation Checklist

2022-2023 Important Dates and Deadlines 

 Event Hosting Forms

Form Description
Home Event Request Form Home Event Requests must be submitted at least 3 weeks in advance. For larger events requiring more planning, requests should be submitted at least 30+ days in advance.
Post Event Form Post Event form due two (2) business days after return from the event. This report must include all incident/accident reports if applicable.

 Administrative Forms

Form Description
Risk Management Reporting Form For any incident or injury that occurs during a club event, a Club Officer must complete an Accident form and submit it to the Structured Sports Office within 48 hours of the incident.
Vehicle Authorization Form The form must be completed by the driver, printed out and turned in to the Structured Sports Office. Note: The owner of the vehicle is required to sign the form.
Pre Civic Engagement Form Civic Engagement Requests must be submitted prior to the event taking place to be approved. Once the Civic Engagement Project is completed, submit the Post Civic Engagement Form, linked below.
Post Civic Engagement Form Fill out the form and get the signature from the supervisor to receive credit for a civic engagement project.
Pre Fundraiser Form  
Post Fundraiser Form  
How to Register for a Sport Club  
Sport Club Apparel Guidelines If you are planning to order merchandise bearing VCU’s trademarks (i.e. logos, artwork, graphic marks, verbiage, etc.), it is required that you place the order with a VCU licensed vendor. Doing so ensures that the product created will be of a quality that meets the university’s brand standards and helps protect the use of the Virginia Commonwealth University name.
Visiting Team Guide Clubs/teams planning to visit VCU for a sport club athletic event are highly encouraged to review the visiting team guide.
End of Semester Report  The purpose of the End of the Semester Report is to help the Sport Club Administration gain a better understanding of your club's involvement with various activities throughout each semester including fundraisers, game/player highlights, intention to return as an active club, recommendations, etc.
New Officer Request Form Newly elected club officers who will be replacing a current officer must submit this form prior to them beginning their term. Newly elected club officers will be required to attend Sport Club Officer training at the beginning of the semester and must complete all necessary forms and provide proof of certifications pending their officer role. Example: Risk Management Officer's must provide copies of their current First Aid/CPR/AED certifications.

Travel Request Forms

Form Description
Travel Request Requests should be submitted no less than 8 business days prior to the travel date. Requests submitted after this deadline will not be considered for compliance points and does not guarantee that the trip will be approved.
Travel Itinerary Must be approved no less than 2 business days prior to leaving for a trip (ex. Wednesday by 5 p.m. for Friday, Saturday, Sunday departures).

Financial Forms

Form Description
Virginia W-9 This form must be submitted completely and accurately and on file with the Structured Sports Office. This form is a required document for any individuals who wish to be reimbursed for a club related expenses.