Students stand at the bottom of the Cary Street Gym climbing wall. They are looking up, holding belay ropes.


RecWell offers registered student organizations, university departments, and on a limited basis, non-VCU organizations the opportunity to reserve space for special events. Experienced staff will help groups plan their event by assisting with details such as facility setup, rental equipment, and event supervision. 

VCU Registered Student Organizations and Departments should request to reserve RecWell spaces using the EMS WebApp. Anyone with VCU credentials can log in with their VCU eID and password to browse for space.

Non-VCU Affiliated Groups should contact the Facility Operations and Events Coordinator at to inquire about space rentals.

Please visit our rental rates page to view our hourly rates listed by facility space.

To view our facility schedules, follow the 3 easy steps below:

1) Follow this link: 

2) You DO NOT need to sign in! Click on the LOCATIONS tab on the left of your screen.

3) Scroll to view the schedule for all of our RecWell spaces in the middle of your screen!

Please review the Facility Scheduling and Rental Procedures Manual for a complete list of guidelines and procedures.  

Interested in our Outdoor Adventure Program? Use the request form below to request a program or space rental:

VCU OAP Program & Space Request Form

If you have any questions regarding equipment checkout please contact us at