The Archery Club is both a competitive and a recreational club that supports anyone's interests from learning to competition.


The goal of the Badminton Club at VCU is to provide an enjoyable and healthy environment for those who wish to practice and compete.


The Baseball Club at VCU aims to provide participants the chance to play after high school without making a major commitment to the sport.

Women's Basketball

The Women's Basketball Club at VCU values teamwork, great sportsmanship and a passion for basketball while competing against other clubs in the region.

Color Guard

This club welcomes new and experienced members. Reach out to the Color Guard Club at VCU to learn more about the sport.


We train every morning on the James River and compete against club and varsity crew clubs across the east coast. Our goal is to field competitive crews at The ACRA National Championship Regatta.


The Cricket Club welcomes all levels of players from beginners to professionals.


Our purpose is to create a consistent and engaging community of gamers on campus with a focus on both the competitive and casual aspects of esports. 

Field Hockey

In this club we want all players to improve on their field hockey skills, become better athletes, learn more about the game of Field Hockey, and benefit from being a part of a team.

Figure Skating

Our mission is to promote and encourage the sport of figure skating while bonding and making connections in a unique way within the VCU community. Figure Skating Club is both competitive and recreational in nature.


The Grappling Club at VCU is a club where people with all skill levels can experience in the art of grappling in a safe, nourishing environment. 


We teach Historical European Martial Arts, which covers the art of and use of weapons and systems including: longsword, greatsword, rapier, dagger, sword & buckler, saber, and more, with our main instruction being longsword.

Indoor Climbing

To create a safe and welcoming climbing environment for people of all abilities and backgrounds.



Judo is a Japanese grappling martial art which focuses on throws, pins, chokes, and joint locks. Ideal for self defense, we encourage everyone to join. The Judo Club at VCU has instructed VCU students, faculty, and staff in judo since the 1970s.

Men's Lacrosse

To be the best lacrosse team possible while fostering friendship and leadership along the way.

Women's Lacrosse

Our mission is to carry out the fundamentals of women's lacrosse in an inclusive, enjoyable manner, and to express our passion for the sport through playing as a collective group of women.

Olympic Weightlifting

The VCU Olympic Weightlifting Club is dedicated to creating an inclusive environment for students to safely learn the Olympic lifts, and to build a supportive community of lifters and friends. 


The Powerlifting Club at VCU accepts powerlifters of all experience levels and competes at the local, state, and national level.

Men's Rugby

We exist to play rugby and teach those who join our club the importance of community and working as a team. Our club's values highlight getting athletes and others to appreciate the sport and commitment to a team.

Women's Rugby

Our goal is to promote the sport of rugby while engaging in competitions. We will teach students how to play the sport of rugby, giving them an active lifestyle and a team in which they can socialize and network with.


The goal of the Running Club at VCU is to create an enjoyable community for recreational and competitive runners.

Men's Soccer

This team exists to provide an outlet for those with an interest in participating in soccer. The Club will provide an opportunity to enhance player’s talent and knowledge of the game.

Women's Soccer

Our goal is to be a resource for individuals with a shared love for the game of soccer. We promote healthy competition amongst ourselves and our competitors and engage the VCU community with a well rounded group of individuals willing to positively represent soccer in our community.


The VCU Club Softball's goal is to house a friendly environment where experienced and inexperienced players are able to learn, broaden their skills, and get back on the field.


To form and develop an entertaining and active community by connecting VCU students through an entertaining outdoor activity.


The purpose of this club is to allow students (Undergraduate, Graduate, Professional), faculty and staff of VCU who are interested in swimming to collaborate in team exercise to acquire or improve their swimming ability. 

Table Tennis

We welcome players of all skill levels! The club aims to participate in NCTTA (collegiate) & USATT sanctioned tournaments.


The mission of Club Tennis is to help people improve their tennis skills through drills, open practice, and matches.

Men's Ultimate Frisbee

We are the Men's Ultimate Frisbee Club @ VCU, a regional contender competing against some of the best teams in the nation. Competition is tournament style, in which we play multiple games throughout a weekend. We also scrimmage local club teams and colleges. We welcome all skill levels.

Women's Ultimate Frisbee

Our team exists to create an open and supportive space to learn and play the sport of Ultimate Frisbee. We aim to provide an opportunity for players with an interest from any skill level to enhance their talent and knowledge of the game. 

Men's Volleyball

As a club, we compete competitively at major tournaments in Virginia. We also compete at a national tournament in different cities. We also promote a fun and exciting environment for players to develop their skills and bond with their fellow teammates.

Women's Volleyball

The Women's Volleyball Club at VCU is competitive and plays in multiple tournaments per semester against collegiate club teams in Virginia and the surrounding states.